Fit Notes

Is your request for a Fit Note:

A. Following discharge or treatment from hospital?

Please speak to the hospital department you were discharged from to get a Fit note.

GPs do not issue Fit Notes following discharges from hospital.

B. Your first request for a Fit Note?

Have you self certified for 1 week before contacting us?

  • No     Please speak to your employer about completing a self certified sickness form before contacting us again. The GPs will not complete a Fit Note until you have done this.
  • Yes     Please make an appointment with the GP, you must have self certified with your work for 1 week prior to getting a Fit Note. If you cannot get an appointment on the day you require the Fit Note, these can be backdated. These are not urgent appointments.

C. A continuing Fit Note?

Please complete your details below and submit to the surgery. The request will be looked at by the GP and we may contact you to make a telephone appointment. If you do not hear from us, your sick line will be available for collection within 48 hours. If you do not have your sick line on the day you require it, these can be backdated.

These are not urgent appointments. We will email you Fit Note to you.