Home Visits

01334 651226

Home visits are for patients too ill or frail too attend surgeries. Difficulty with transport is not in itself a valid reason to request a home visit. If you genuinely cannot come to the surgery and need a doctor to visit please try to telephone your request by 10.30a.m and give the receptionist your details. Please be prepared to explain your symptoms to the receptionist.  This is to enable the doctor to prioritise calls. A doctor may call you back as it may be that your problem may be dealt with by telephone advice.   All information you give is completely confidential.

All requests received after 12 noon are assessed by a doctor.

Home visits take the doctors considerably more time than surgery consultations.  Full examinations and tests cannot be done at home.  Please help us by coming into the surgery whenever possible.

Children with common childhood illnesses such as cold, rash or temperature can be brought safely to the surgery and will not endanger others.   Please tell the receptionist of this on your arrival.  If necessary you can wait isolated from other patients.