Community Midwife – Pregnancy

maternitycareTelephone: 01334 465848

Pregnancy Journey

When you discover you are pregnant you should make an appointment with the community midwife as soon as possible from seven weeks onwards. A midwife clinic is run every week. Please call the number above to make an appointment or use the link.

The midwife will begin your antenatal care over one or two “booking” appointments and refer  you to the hospital whilst communicating with your GP to ensure she has your full medical history.

You will be offered screening tests as part of your routine care.

You will be offered immunisations as part of your routine care.

For most healthy women the majority of antenatal care will be provided in the community by a midwife.

The GPs and nurses in the practice will continue to provide you with routine health care through your pregnancy and you can make an appointment to see them at any time.

For lots more information about the Pregnancy Journey and the timing of various tests and scans please look at Ready, Steady, Baby.