Clinical Training

Eden Villa practice is fully accredited as an undergraduate and post-graduate training practice. We feel it is important to help to train tomorrow’s doctors. Dr Natalie Donald and Dr David Malakoty undertake the majority of this training but the whole practice team contribute to make this a rewarding, safe and educational environment. Doctors at all levels of training are bound by the same high standards of confidentiality and professionalism.

Undergraduate Training

The practice regularly hosts medical students from Edinburgh University and Aberdeen University. At this stage, students are gaining experience of ‘real life’ general practice and can learn a huge amount from consulting with patients. A consultation with a student doctor would always involve a consultation with a supervising doctor or nurse in the practice before clinician and patient agree on a treatment plan together.

Post-graduate Training

In partnership with NHS Education Scotland the practice supports doctors who have already completed their basic training and who have chosen to undertake specialist training in general practice. ‘GP specialist trainees’ are able to prescribe, refer and do most of the things a qualified GP would do but work under close supervision for at least three years. This allows the trainee to get to know patients over time and you can book a follow up appointment in exactly the same way that you would with any GP.

Video and Audio Recording

As part of their training, doctors are occasionally required to video their consultations. You will always be told if this is occurring and if so would be asked to sign a consent form before your appointment. It is perfectly understandable if you do not wish to be recorded. You can also change your mind after the consultation if you wish. Very occasionally you may be asked if you would agree to have a telephone consultation recorded for the same training purposes.

The video recording will only focus on your discussion with the doctor and not on any examination that might take place. The practice adheres to very strict NHS data protection guidelines regarding storage of video and audio material and this is treated with the utmost confidentiality.